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Friday, May 2, 2008

Housebreaking older | adult dogs

Housebreaking older dogs or an adult dog is relatively difficult than housebreaking a puppy but it’s not an impossible task to do. All you need is patience and the right technique for the dog potty training. You should have a basic knowledge of dog behavior, how dog thinks and how he interprets what you are trying to teach him.

There is a difference in why dogs urinate where ever they want and why puppies do it. Puppies if too young don’t have proper control over their bowel movements and on to the bladder control, so they may not be able to hold the urge. When they grow up a little, they have to be told to relieve themselves at a given place. If you fail to communicate this to your puppy he will select a place he likes and go on urinating there every time. So it’s important for you to tell him what’s right and what’s not, as in other obedience training. He should know the places where he is strictly not allowed (kitchen). With older dogs or adult dogs there comes a need to mark their territory as in other animals. When they smell of another animal they would want to cover it up with their own odor and that would be by urinating or going for potty. Their own scent makes it comfortable for them and its also a warning to others that its his area. That makes dog potty training a little bit tricky.

You have to be strict every time your dog tries to urinate at an undesired place. He should very well know that it is not allowed. Dogs form habits easily and they would get into repeating the things again and again. He would know the timings of their meals and exercise and even the toilet. Usually the toilet timings would be after a meal or a nap when they go to an area and move around in circles.

You have to show him the area where you want him to do his act. Use rewards and punishment (telling a firm NO) for any desirable or undesirable thing he does and that should be prompt so that he can relate the praise/ reward or punishment to his act.

Housebreaking an old dog requires breaking of old habits and making new ones which is not tough if you know all the techniques which make your communication with your dog effective. With older dogs there can be some difficult behaviors which can be tough but very much possible to change. To some extent it also depends on the kind of breed you are dealing with, if your dog is a breed with a mind of its own, you will need to be more effective in your approach. Effective dog potty training tips can make even the most impossible and stubborn dog to housebreak.

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